Motivations for using microchip to stay with analogue

Those who are music purists know that using analogue still offers them far more clarity and piquancy where sound delivery and artistic vibrations are concerned. Yes, that is correct, most music lovers would not mind feeling the sound they enjoy listening to. The problem today is that there has been too much enthusiasm to switch to digital technologies to the detriment of analog lovers.  They get left behind in a sense because on the surface it does not appear that there are that many technological devices about anymore that can help them with their sound preferences.

But all is not yet lost where pure sound and motion is concerned. If you read what expert sites like have to say about some of the available analogue technologies today you would be pleasantly surprised and quite relieved, especially if you fit into those categories of being defined as a music lover or music purist. There are more motivations than ever before to not be in such a rush for digital technologies when the enhancements that analogue allows and digital cannot yet accommodate are still available.

It is a known fact that music lovers unfortunately get all or most of their music from digital sources such as Spotify or Pandora. Even those who have gone out on a limb to purchase a record in the old-fashioned way by visiting their favorite record store find themselves picking up a CD that has been digitally re-mastered. Everyone is downloading their music these days, well, those that can. It is only a matter of time before those that can’t will once they have access to PCs and the internet.

It is only a matter of time before everyone, repeat, everyone has iTunes.